March 22, 2004

Sensei Care

I just finished reading Fool's Fate by Robin Hobb. It's a sci-fi/fantasy novel with magic and dragons. I thought the quote below describe sensei care very well. The "Wit" mentioned below is one of the types of magic in the novel. Web and Thick are two of the characters.

When he was with me, Web focused on making me see how the Wit connected all living things...He showed me how he could extend his Wit and wrap it around Thick, to become more perceptive of his needs and feelings, even though Thick remained unaware of him. It was not an easy discipline to master, for it involved surrendering my own needs and interests to subservience to his. "Watch a mother with an infant, any kind of a mother, human or beast. There you will see this done on the simplest and most instintive level. If one is willing to work at it, one can extend that same sort of perception to others. It is a worthwhile thing to do, for it conveys a level of understanding of one another that makes hate almost impossible. Seldom can one hate a person if one understands that person."

I still haven't gotten sensei care quite right as a I realized at the last Kangeiko when I put hot tea in front of the sensei as they were eating their breakfast. They were content with their cold beverages and food. They didn't even think to touch the tea until near the end of the meal when it had grown cold. Luckily someone else had offered them hot tea at that point.

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